Harvey Pitt Resigns Tonight

Discussion in 'Trading' started by JayS, Nov 5, 2002.

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    from AP & DJ
  2. emin's only 918 bid after the Pitt info. Kinda suprised they didn't pop more.

    Somebody hit that offer. Pitt resignation worth atleast 10 spoos points.

  3. I'll "Take" the offer and you can "Hit" the bid...just semantics, I'm only messing around.

    Funniest thing about Harvery, one of the guys in my old office stands up and yells " Harvey, you have ruined my f__king life" referring to decimalization.

    I can't wait until Easy Al drops the "R" bomb. Rumored to be this year at some point, anyone else heard something similar?
  4. tntneo

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    it's about time.
    still a surprise. it should be fired months ago ! double standard, half truth, fat liar.
  5. I eat because I'm unhappy ...
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  7. Doesn't he seem clueless here?

    See attachement
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  8. Babak


    The accounting firms must be dancing in the street. They have their best and most effective defenders back deep in their pockets.

    (as opposed to shallow in their pockets)
  9. politics is way more brutal than trading.
  10. nitro


    I was watching the spoos this evening [I really do need to get a life] at 18:27 CST - they were trading at 915.25. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, five consecutive very fast ups. This immediately drew my attention to them. I looked up quickly at my news source - nothing...I saw them come back down slowly to 915.75 and then I really felt like lifting the 916.

    I really didn't feel like trading anymore today after having my best spoos day ever, so I just gave up for the day.

    Now I come back and see the spoos at 920.75 bid :mad:

    The "markets" ALWAYS know the news faster than "anyone" else...

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