Harvey Pitt high on ho-hos?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Babak, Jul 25, 2002.

  1. Babak


    What was Harvey Pitt thinking? I mean, you have the market melting, CEOs embezzling and insider trading, some Democrats/Republicans grumbling about firing him.... and the guy presses for a promotion to cabinet level and a raise of 22% ?!?!

    ...and he goes over the head of the only guy who was publicly stood behind him (his boss, Bush) and goes directly to Congress!!

    So what do you think, did he inhale one too many ding-dongs and get a sugar rush which then short circuited his brain ?!?!
  2. mike s

    mike s

    When I heard this my first thought was he's pulling the ol' "a good defense is a stronge offense" (or whatever that saying is).

    Maybe he's negotiating to keep his job and his starting point is "hell, you guys should give me a raise and a promotion".:eek:
  3. aura0663


    I'm going to have to remember this stategy if I ever get a real job again
  4. Babak


    You gotta be kidding me!

    So according to you, if someone is coming in late in the mornings, harassing the secretaries, not really doing their job (the minimum possible), stealing office supplies....then they should approach the boss' boss and ask for a promotion and a raise ?!

    Are you high on ho-ho's?

    Let's review his mistakes:

    Pitt failed to take the lead when the debate moved from enforcement to new regulation earlier this year. Instead, he let Congress make all the running that led this week to the completion of a corporate reform bill, sponsored by Sarbanes. He demonstrated poor judgment in agreeing to meet the heads of companies while SEC investigations were under way. And now he goes over Bush's head to angle for this promotion.

    This guy is completely incompetent (both as head of SEC and as a political animal).
  5. mike s

    mike s

    Calm down, Babak....back away from the coffee urn...

    I didn't say he _should_ do anything. Nor did I even imply that I condone this style of behaviour.

    You asked "so what do you think" and I told you.

    I think Pitt is an egotistical, aggressive jerk who is experienced enough in negotiating that it wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn (supposing for a moment that we had privy to his thoughts) that he decided, rather than sit back and defend himself, he would go on the offense, pull out his saber and charge full speed ahead...baffle 'em with bullshit and stun 'em as hard as he can.

    So, how's _your_ sugar intake lately?

    Besides, I'm a Hostess Cupcake man myself.
  6. Babak


    lol Mike, I think the tone of that last post came off as way more aggressive than I intended. I guess that's the disadvantage of this communication medium.