Harvard study proves Fox is the most balanced network.

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    I liked Juan Williams response. He read everything Trump has done wrong or not done as promised and said, See? 90% of it is all negative!
  3. I wonder why republican town hall meetings were so filled with so many angry constituents ?
    How's that wall coming along?
    Why the heck are the Con Man's lawyers reading up on how impeachment works?

    I can't think of anything positive from his first 100 days.

    Regarding the data, yeah, how's that Benghazi working out?
    IRS targeting conservatives.
    Obamacare is a disaster that nobody likes.

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    The revolution will not be televised. You won't hear them talk about the overriding most positive thing about Trump that many see and like, and that is he exposes the media for the lying sack of shit they are.
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    Liberals tend to be extremely angry rage filled individuals and many are violent. Liberals are attacking the 2nd Amendment and are bigoted racist.

    I wish MLK was around to talk some sense into these clowns.


    Black students demand segregated spaces from white students
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    Spinning negative news to sound positive shows how unbalanced they are.
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    If a democrat hears news about Trump it is negative.
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    Tucker Carlson crushes anti-Trump mainstream media over Harvard report that reveals major media bias

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson panned the mainstream media in a monologue on his show Friday following the release of a new study from Harvard University that confirms what President Donald Trump, his supporters and the White House have been saying for months.

    According to the new study from Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, the overwhelming majority of press coverage in the opening months of Trump’s presidency has been negative.

    In fact, the study found that in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency, 80 percent of news coverage from leading news sources was negative, while only 20 percent was positive. That is significantly more than Trump’s three predecessors, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, who received 41 percent, 57 percent and 60 percent negative press in their opening months as president, according to the study.

    “The news media are liberal,” Carlson declared in the opening of his show Friday. “It’s obvious in the stories they chose and maybe even more evident in the ones they ignore.”

    “About the only people who deny widespread media bias these days are the people who are directly benefiting from it,” Carlson explained. “And that would include progressive activists posing as reporters and the Democratic politicians whose water they carry.”

    Harvard’s study found that Trump coverage from left-leaning news outlets CNN and NBC News was as much as 93 percent negative in Trump’s first 100 days, which Carlson equated to “advocacy” — not journalism.

    “It’s not really news coverage at that point. It’s advocacy,” Carlson explained.

    But it’s not just Trump the media dislikes. According to Carlson, it’s also the issues that Trump stands for and the issues that American voters supported in last November’s presidential election that the media has disdain for.

    “The media disagree with those too, and they skew their coverage accordingly,” Carlson said, citing issues like immigration, which the Harvard study found had 96 percent negative coverage.

    Carlson went on illustrate how the media has covered immigration reform under Trump, touting headlines from the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post — which Carlson labeled American’s “most dishonest newspaper” — that negatively portrayed immigration reform and never told the stories of how American citizens feel about illegal immigration.

    “[It’s] news with a message at its core — just like in a political campaign,” Carlson said, “which in many ways is exactly what this is.”

    Trump and top White House staffers have urged the press for months to focus on positive news stories and legislative accomplishments coming from the Trump administration. The press, however, has been unrelenting in their negative coverage as illustrated by Harvard’s study.

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  10. Wasn't all that long ago that blacks demanded integration into everything white...

    What blacks really want... to have everything whites have* and for whitey to pay for it for them.

    *Law were changed/enacted to give blacks the same opportunity as whites (even bent over backwards and made it easier through AA and such)... to earn it for themselves, but that's not good enough. They want us to just hand it to them.

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