Harvard smart=stupid?

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  1. How did they all get it so wrong?

    How could someone be so out of touch with reality?

    Did you have to go to harvard(and any other "smart" school) to be this stupid about approximating the potential for a homeowner to be insolvent?
  2. Since the act of going to Harvard is in itself is an accomplishment it means you don't have do do anything meaningful one you graduate.
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    It's not that hard to get into an Ivy League school if you have connections. I have a friend who was a C student in HS and scored on 27 on his ACT. His mom and dad both were alum's at Columbia, as are several aunts, uncles and cousins. They had all collectively donated a lot of money to the school. He was accepted and barely graduated (2.02gpa) and was on academic probation several times.
  4. My post concerns non-science fields. Business schools are not science.
    if a harvard is stupid (and I agree with that) imagine a non-hardvard, with the exception of MIT. MIT is the only place where you might find some intelligent people, and less idiots. All other students in other schools are generally a dorm of idiots (except students from scientific fields)
  5. Because voters insisted that they do.
  6. Money makes people do stupid things!
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    Spoken like a true idiot like yourself.