Harvard sacks professor for 'anti-Muslim' views

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  1. Faculty members chose to remove two summer economics courses at the Summer School taught by Subramanian Swamy, a controversial Indian political figure.

    Swamy received significant criticism for an op-ed he wrote last summer in the Indian newspaper Daily News and Analysis, in which he called for the destruction of mosques, the disenfrachisement of non-Hindus in India who do not acknowledge Hindu ancestry, and a ban on conversion from Hinduism.


    from the comments:

    The only violence that Swamy's article incited, was the vandalism at Swamy's house by the Congress Party workers(ruling party in India).

    Not coincidentally, Swamy is fighting court battle against the ruling Congress party relating to a huge 2G scam.. that have cost exchequer 10s of billions in USD.
  2. "The article was written for a Mumbai newspaper and I teach economics in Harvard. I would assume that they would have sent their petition to me asking for my comments which is a normal procedure. But they have not done that," he claimed.

    Swamy said the decision was a "dangerous one" as it makes a person teaching in Harvard accountable for what he writes on any subject anywhere in the world.

    "If tomorrow anyone writes on India and writes rubbish about India, they come here, then they can be punished here for what they write in America. That would be a dangerous principle. Harvard should look at it," he said.

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    has he heard of the internet? He should be fired for being stupid.
    I am not sure how much power a University should have regarding censoring a professors thoughts... but I am sure this guys defense is lame.
  4. That article cannot be found on internet :D

    99% of population which he addresses does not uses internet for reading news.
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  6. So much for the much-heralded principle of academic freedom. Oh I forgot, that only applies to liberal-approved ideas.
  7. So it does not matters to you that the man is single-handedly fighting the government of world's largest democracy for a scam supposed to have squandered 40 billion dollars.

    It does not matter that the 'views' for which he is victimized was a stand-alone statement given two years back and well-forgotten.

    So Harvard wakes up all of a sudden and realizes that Dr. Swamy made a bad statement at some point of his life which has absolutely no relevance to his subject matter.

    Typical smartass liberal attitude which brought down America.

    FYI, he did not speak that in defense. To quote him:

    "IIT/D sacked me in 1973. Four years later, I became a member of the IIT Board Governors--the very body which had sacked me!"

    "My constitutency is the 100crore (billion) plus of India. I was doing Harvard a favour by taking 2 months out of a year to teach."

    Maybe you should put your brain to work which is more than the size of apple seed and think whose stupid here.
  8. No shit!

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