Harvard educated...not really the sharpest tools in the shed.

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    This video was taken about 2 months or so ago. The girl is asking a bunch of questions about the economy and how the recession affects them. But the real kicker is at about 3 min 40 seconds in when she asks the big question that really shows they have no clue what is going on in the economy.
  2. Pfftttt probably Obama would have passed on the coin.

    It'd be nice to ask members of Congress the same question.
  3. The future leaders of this country. Good luck! :D
  4. haters gonna hate
  5. Visaria


    They didn't say if there were some students who bought the coin, they basically gave the impression no-one bought one.

    Anyway, even if there were some students who know about silver, they may suspect a con trick.
  6. All of those who declined to buy the coin likely knew it was really "silver clad".. and not worth $.50.
  7. Why would you not pay five dollars for something that is already worth nearly thirty?
  8. Because they didn't know it was worth $30.
  9. They only know how to poke, tweet and supersize it.
  10. Only an idiot would buy jewelry or coinage or anything thats claimed to be valuable from a stranger off the street.
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