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Discussion in 'Trading' started by harrytrader, May 9, 2004.

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  1. I belive in a smal buy. You should have a small retractment on the selloff Fri. (But I do agree Fri reversals are a trend change). Good luck. I'm long small
    #21     May 10, 2004
  2. Hey clowney I have no respect for you that you have status or not I don't even look at it.

    That you don't need anything is up to you. That you want to prevent someone who asked me something is a LARGE IRRESPECT due to that person not even to me.

    I'm defensive hahaha ! You're really ridiculous: is it your last ressort to hide your shame ? First you pretended that I gave 11 or 15 numbers, after I revealed that you use NUMEROLOGY like pivots, you pretended that you use only one and the rest are supports & resistances, once demystified you pretended that I calculate my points after the facts, so you are a real snake !

    And now like all snakes you merit to go into my ignore list. I will put it in my signature to remind you that it is not worth addressing me. And please do the same : I HATE TO FEED PIGS LIKE YOU !

    #22     May 10, 2004
  3. Thanks,

    Now I'm not like some hypocrits who pretend to help others - although some are genuine helpers - so I'm not here for helping anybody, I just talk about ONE of the many subjects that matters to me from trading to humanity crimes. If it helps I'm happy but that's not my intention once again, in fact I fear that people follows me blindly so I don't like to give forecast too often and I will never say that I am sure of something because I want people to stay in doubt and be able to react if I'm wrong.

    As for the other snakes they finish in my ignore list so it's not a problem for that. What bothers me is if they don't do the same I will feed them with some precious information so I'm more and more reluctant to publish anything valuable.

    #23     May 10, 2004
  4. Can anyone explain how to use the chart in harrytrader's first post of this thread? I am not usually this stupid but having looked at harrytrader's website and read a lot of his posts, I still can't understand it.

    This is not meant to be a negative comment. I am just asking for a simple straightforward explanation.
    #24     May 10, 2004
  5. Hahaha funny:
    When I don't post in advance you have balda the pig who accused that I fabricate the numbers after the fact, and when I do in advance you pretend it's for my ego, hey please find a concensus :D

    OK, I see more clearly your intention: it is evil oriented so there is no need that I continue any civilised conversation with you. I have stayed and will still stay polite with you. But if you need to cross the red line of decency I will do it also. I'm not jew but I can apply eye for eye tooth for tooth although I don't like to do so: I wait 3 times before doing so.

    #25     May 10, 2004
  6. Steve789


    Lot's of luck there! My first experience with his charts real time is this post where I tried to pin him down. Best I can get is CONSOLIDATION was his call- dangerous to short. (Tells me he is NO trader). Just snake oiler! His support line on the DOW 10126 is bogus because Feynman lines are FLAWED. Purposely vague!

    I tried to be nice to this guy giving him the benefit of the doubt, but he called me a PIG. Definitely not warranted! Now he is calling me a SNAKE. Why HARRYTRADER? I didn't ask you for a support number. I just asked you to be specific to bgp. To me your stuff is pretty but of NO use to me as a short term trader- emphasis on TRADER. Go back and read my posts and you'll see what I thought was likely from trader's point of view for today. BTW, it is only dangerous to short. when necessary, if you don't know how to trade.

    Do me a favor and put ME on your ignore list as well. Thanks.
    #26     May 10, 2004
  7. Steve789


    Balda you are correct about this guy. I just wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt as I don't have prior experience with his calls from these Feynman charts before this post.

    I guess being a "PIG" and "SNAKE" isn't so bad then? I trust you didn't agree with his charts either? I would rather be what Harrytrader called me than a snake oiler, though I can't understand his hostility toward me, however.
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  9. -The dow is just sitting on the VERY BIG SCALE OF REVERSING THE MID-TERM TREND at 10126 theorically.-

    everyone dumped once they saw harrys line in the sand

    was broken in Asian trading

    #29     May 10, 2004
  10. Steve789


    who trade for a living. Go back to doing whatever it is you do when others are making money in real time.

    And reconsider calling others "pig and "snake" besides. IF we're right about the market direction, why does that make us "pigs and snakes"?

    Maybe FEYNMAN has had a nervous breakdown. If not, when he "sees" where the DOW is now he surely will.

    Will you still treat us to the circles at the end of the day like Balda says? Hope so. Don't let this little(ha ha ha) setback get you down. There are lots more lines you could come up with and plenty of interesting names left to call them.
    #30     May 10, 2004
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