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  1. I never consult them. I prefer OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS :

    "Today U.N. and WHO remain at the forefront of administering “population programs” designed to reduce world populations to more manageable levels. As per a recent advertisement Foreign Affairs—a prestigious political periodical published by the David Rockefeller directed Council on Foreign Relations—the U.S. population is being targeted for a 50% reduction. "

  2. No answer ? Did you lose your funny "conspiracy push button" in front of this official document ? You're right this doesn't come from those ridiculous conspiracy sites who like mystics have much imagination although some will coincide with reality as I said statistically there is a chance that some will correspond to something real, but as for me I always refer to reality as for forging my true opinion. Others are just for fun. And alike everybody I have never seen a single episod of X-files, go to cinema to see Matrix, Mars Attack, Independance day or so alike films because I am NOT interested by pure imagination but only by REAL TANGIBLE FACTS.

  3. Oh my -- I guess we'll know if it is effective when the number of ET registered users drops to 8,000.
  4. complete bullshit. Don't believe everything you read on the internet harry.
  5. lundy


    I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but i don't doubt that rich powerful people do bad things to keep their power, or to become more powerful/rich.

    example: IBM assisted Hitler making little machines for him to organize the genocide of the Jews in an efficient manner. Sorta like a custom made pre-computer machine, that served as a database. It was custom made and in some cases IBM went out of it's way to show how gassing people in a group is more cost effective than gunning them down.

    Thats history. No refuting it. You can choose to be ignorant, but the fact remains that the powers that be aren't angels or humanitarians, despite the costumes they sometimes wear.
  6. Harry, you keep quoting "Dr." Horowitz. But neither he nor you provide any source or substantiation for his claims.

    Like the Iraqi Minister of Information, if you say it enough and there is no rebuttal, it is truth.
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  8. Are you crazy ? if the "Foreign Affairs—a prestigious political periodical published by the David Rockefeller directed Council on Foreign Relations " is not an official source well haha !

  9. For a global view of the why you can even order a document direct from the trilateral (founded by Rockfeller) whose existence has long been considered as pure conspiracy for the mass public but now it doesn't hide anymore. In fact seeing the denial of people in front of facts I think they don't even need to hide haha !


    "8. The Crisis of Democracy
    New York University Press (© 1975)
    Michel Crozier, Samuel P. Huntington and Joji Watanuki
    ISBN: 0-8147-1305-3
    220 pp./paper/$15.00 plus S&H
    Out of print
    To order (photocopy)"

    This document says textually that there is "TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY" and concludes that the freedom the control of Press, Unviersities, Politicians and People must be reversed ! How do they do that imagine ...
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