HarryTrader you need to get out more.

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  1. I just read your post about the federal reserve board caller. While I was intrigued with this fear mongers' back and forth dialogue, something larger about you Harry came to mind.

    That is, when you just go to the site that you found the article from www.rense.com you will find a collection of conspiracy theory articles and fear monger stories from UFO cover ups to how AIDS is man made. The list of varied fear monger stories goes on and on at this site. This leads to me the final conclusion about you Harry. Your a very lonely soul who with all his "itelligent banter" when stripped down is nothing more than a National Enquirer seeker of conspiracy theory type articles on the internet. In fact you probably place one of these articles on ET on average 3 times per week.

    Furthermore, Harry you would have us believe that your using this silly econometric model to trade in the market with, all the while the only proof of its reality is the convoluted terms and phrasing that you wrap its description around in with your posts.

    Why would a seeming intelligent person waste his days with websites of the sort like www.rense.com? It all fits in to place when viewed in conjunction that it is a fact that you have the 3rd highest per day post count at "5.73" on Elite Trader. For someone who finds ET and its people a source of disdain and those who trade here to be nothing but mindless sheep against your almighty econometric model; you place alot of energy day in and day out not to miss posting a minimum of 5.73 times per day on ET. I couple this now with the fact that you visit the most outlandish of conspiracy sites like www.rense.com and I have to say HarryTrader that I personally find you a lonley soul who should most likely seek psychiatric care.

    Seriously though Harry, all though this post will undoubtly get many flames of rebuttal from you, I will suggest a few things to help you out. Take a shower, go out of the house, go to a bar, meet a woman, get laid. As crude as that last sentence is, enjoy life Harry and let the Federal Reserve print their money and let the gov't cover up their UFO sightings if they want to. Take your econometric model and these conspriancy articles and leave ET alone with them. Stop wasting your time posting 5.73 times per day on ET so you can become the number 1 poster by the end of next year. (In a place that you so often only ridicule traders on anyway, which only shows your loneliness). Go out and meet a woman , meet people, enjoy life.

    Sincerely, a very concerned person.
  2. rodden


    Sincere and concerned maybe - but not very sensitive.

    Isn't your post a tad personal for a public forum?
  3. Harry, quit the glue sniffing and everything else will just fall into place...:D

    You're the best kind of freak and we love you.

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    Also Harry should cut down his consumption of Armagnac. ! A gallon a week is a bit too much.
  5. You cant be sensitive with someone like exhibiting qualities like HarryTrader. You need to be firm.
  6. ertrader1

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    HARRY trader is for sure not a trader first off. Second he sounds more like a life time student.......spending his endless days in College.
  7. I would venture to agree that HarryTrader is not a trader at all.
    Who would spend all day posting on the ET message board during trading hours when they know it's inefficient and disruptive to their concentration. I don't mean 1-2 posts during trading hours, but lets use today's thread count for example.

    I counted up HarryTrader's total posts just for today 12/03/03 and the total count comes out to 18 posts!

    This number is so mind boggling and is crying out that Harrytrader is interested in attention and becoming the number 1 poster on the ET site..which will easily be accomplished in a year or less at his rate. This artificial celebrity status that he is trying to achieve will only lead to further self delusion about himself.
    Harrytrader you need some professional care or advice.
  8. Jesus Christ, harry should work at Home Depot and help someone pack six 80 lb bags of cement into their car.....they gotta make those bags lighter!!!
  9. The first time I read one of his posts, I thought that he might be the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.:eek:
  10. you a$$holes should shut up and live your own lives. harrytrader may be a conspiracy theorist, but just let the guy be.
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