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Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by manuka, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. manuka


    Hi, i got interested in his approach and have some questions.

    I guess Harry himself would not answer :) so i ask for help from those who knows anything about his model.

    1) In his pictures (where projection and base lines are plotted) there are always 11 dots for each line.... why not 5 or 77?
    any one got a clue?
  2. Harrytrader used to post on ET a lot, that was a long time ago.. where are you seeing this stuff of his.. unbelievable, I thought he was long gone from trading... he used to claim that his methods were the only ones that were for real... "deterministic" was how he termed it, whatever that means..
  3. manuka


    he-he.... i'm currently reading his post from beginning of time :) (from 2002 year) There's a number of posts under his nick name saying he made about 5100 of them but elitetrader Search engine give away onli 4100. Guess admins delete them to get more space on a hard drive or smth...

    Well i'm trying to crack his code or if i fail, find another code :)

    his numerous sites are down Wayback machine (internet archive) give away only couple of pages no pics at all......

    So, PLEASE!!! people if you got ANY info
    Google groups info (he used to run one)
    Yahoo group
    ANy info from his sites (tutorials,pics,forecasts,posts and stuff)
    maybe something is rusting on you hard drive!!!!

    Share and i'll share when my time comes :)
  4. I don't recall that he ever shared with anybody but some select insiders that had to join his club.. he posted endlessly about how his method was deterministic and I can't recall any proof at all... I had him on ignore on every forum he was on.. he was the first ignore I ever did in fact... He had some great plans to trade and take over the world and put the New World Order crowd out of business... Pinky and the Brain stuff afaik..
  5. manuka


    Yeah, i can see some of his Napoleonian plans :) But let's talk about strategy not the man....

    He really don't say much about his model (except that it is so cool :) BUT i had some ideas before i knew harry existed, but his solution is simpler than mine (mine involves simulating market infrastructer and stuf)

    Has anyone here on elitetrader been in his groups private sections?
  6. manuka


    HAD harrytrader EVER given away his forecast for a stock whitch did not have a corresponding future contract.?

    i guess there's a trick.....
  7. I never saw a single post by Harrytrader that had one bit of information in it...
  8. manuka


    i saw some. :)

    not really much info. but gives alot to think about.... ALOT.

    as i move through his posts i come to conclusion that he couldn't give away more info... it would become to obviouse... People tend to show off, and they show until some point... some point there secret became no secret. )