Harry Reid Will Lose In November

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  1. http://www.rollcall.com/news/42457-1.html

    Obama Will Travel to Nevada for Reid Next Month

    President Barack Obama will appear with politically embattled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in Las Vegas next month, according to a White House official.

    If I were a democrat seeking election I would tell Obama to stay away. Obama is a walking screw up. Everything he touches turns to shit.
  2. I figure Reids done. Schumer will be Maj leader this is more likely, he needs Reid gone. Schumer will kiss Obama's ass. Reid's an old dog. wfdik :D
  3. Obama 0 for 5, trying to make it 0 for 6. At least he's consistent.
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    Nancy Pelosi has stated that she will be going across the country to campaign for Democratic House members. OH PLEASE DO!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  5. Harry Reid in Nevada is down by double digits on a consistent basis.

    Arlen Specter in Penn is down by 9 points.

    Blanche Lincoln is down by double digits.

    Chris Dodd of Connecticut is down by double digits.

    Colorado is a close one.

    North Dakota is going Republican.

    Illinois is close.

    Both Democratic Senators in New York are toss ups at this point.

    Boxer in California is just up by a couple points.

    Out of the 19 Democratic Senators up for reelection, almost half are getting smashed while the other half are toss ups. A few more percentage points in momentum against the toss ups and the Democratic party could be looking at a political massacre in November.
  6. Pelosi should "get religion" and repent by seeking HONORABLE WORK... like, sucking donkey dicks for $.25 per herd..

  7. hahahah...:D