Harry Reid Mistakenly Votes "NO" On Health Bill.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Kal982, Dec 24, 2009.

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  2. "This is for my friend Ted Kennedy, aye," said Sen. Robert Byrd as he cast his vote."

    "Reid opened the Senate floor at 7 a.m. and channeled Ted Kennedy: “The work goes on. The cause endures… and yet here we are, minutes away from doing what others have tried but none have achieved.” "

    So at least we know who to blame when costs skyrocket, the lower classes get subsidied, rationing starts, companies shed medical coverage, and jobs go overseas
  3. The ultimate Freudian slip. Deep down, even Harry knows how bad this thing is.
  4. It was no mistake. Reid staged this to show what a good humored friendly guy he is (not).

    Of course this fake "NO"is the byline for the MSM all Christmas day. Nothing about the raping of American Individuality.

    Reid gets a good laugh while he sinks the U.S. Constitution.
  5. +1. No one will be laughing when the damage accumulates over the years.