Harry Reid a racist!! Where is the democratic values.

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  1. I guess he's had a little change of heart.

    FLASHBACK: Dem Senate Leader Harry Reid: 'Our Federal Wallet Stretched To Limit By Illegal Aliens Getting Welfare'

    'Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally'

    August 5, 1993

    The Office of Sen. Harry Reid issued the following:

    In response to increased terrorism and abuse of social programs by aliens, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) today introduced the first and only comprehensive immigration reform bill in Congress.

    Currently, an alien living illegally in the United States often pays no taxes but receives unemployment, welfare, free medical care and other federal benefits. Recent terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombing, have underscored the need to keep violent criminals out of the country.

    Reid's bill, the Immigration Stabilization Act of 1993, overhauls the nation's immigration laws and calls for a massive scale-down of immigrants allowed into the country from approximately 800,000 to 300,000.

    The bill also changes asylum laws to prevent phony asylum seekers. Reid said the U.S. open door policy is being abused at the expense of honest, working citizens.

    "We are a country founded upon fairness and justice," Reid said. "An individual in real threat of torture or long-term incarceration because of his or her political beliefs can still seek asylum. But this bill closes the door to those who want to abuse America's inherent generosity and legal system."

    Reid's bill also cracks down on illegal immigration. The 1990 census reported 3.3 million illegal aliens in America. Recent estimates indicate about 2.5 million immigrants illegally entered the United States last year.

    "Our borders have overflowed with illegal immigrants placing tremendous burdens on our criminal justice system, schools and social programs," Reid said. "The Immigration and Naturalization Service needs the ability to step up enforcement.

    "Our federal wallet is stretched to the limit by illegal aliens getting welfare, food stamps, medical care and other benefits often without paying any taxes.

    "Safeguards like welfare and free medical care are in place to boost Americans in need of short-term assistance. These programs were not meant to entice freeloaders and scam artists from around the world. "Even worse, Americans have seen heinous crimes committed by individuals who are here illegally," Reid said.

    Specific provisions of Reid's Immigration Stabilization Act include the following:

    -- Reduces annual legal immigration levels from approximately 800,000 admissions per year to about 300,000. Relatives other than spouse or minor children will be admitted only if already on immigration waiting lists and their admission does not raise annual immigration levels above 300,000.

    -- Reforms asylum rules to prevent aliens from entering the United States illegally under phony "asylum" claims.

    -- Expands list of felonies considered "aggravated" felonies requiring exclusion and deportation of criminal aliens. Allows courts to order deportation at time of sentencing.

    -- Increases penalties for failing to depart or re-entering the United States after a final order of deportation order. Increases maximum penalties for visa fraud from five years to 10 years.

    -- Curtails alien smuggling by authorizing interdiction and repatriation of aliens seeking to enter the United States unlawfully by sea. Increases penalties for alien smuggling.

    -- Adds "alien smuggling" to the list of crimes subject to sanctions under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. Expands the categories of property that are forfeited when used to facilitate the smuggling or harboring of illegal aliens.

    -- Clarifies that a person born in the United States to an alien mother who is not a lawful resident is not a U.S. citizen. This will eliminate incentive for pregnant alien women to enter the United States illegally, often at risk to mother and child, for the purpose of acquiring citizenship for the child and accompanying federal financial benefits.

    -- Mandates that aliens who cannot demonstrably support themselves without public or private assistance are excludable. This will prevent admission of aliens likely to be dependent on public financial support. This requirement extends to the sponsor of any family sponsored immigrant.

    -- Increases border security and patrol officers to 9,900 full-time positions.
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    Democrats getting tough on criminals while a Republican controlled congress considers amnesty for them?

    Obviously the terrorists have struck again, and put hallucinogenics in the DC water supply.
  3. Now you're getting it, maybe you are not as nuts as the poll showed after all. :D
  4. Its time to unite on this issue.

    Dddooo, you say you are veimently against illegal immigration, So am I. There are many others who ID themselves as either Dems and Reps and understand what is at stake.

    Senator Harry Reed would have been a good ally, if what he had said wasn't dated 13 years ago. Since then he has done a 180 on the issue . . .

    There are only a few Republicans who have spoken out on illegal immigration, Congressman Tom Tancredo is the leader. For the Democrats in congress on Tancredo's immigration caucus, I support their efforts 100%!!

    Lets stop with the posts pointing out which party is weaker on the issue. We really have to unite on this one, anbd support whomever is on our side of the issue, if we ever want the politicians to stop the mexican invasion.
  5. While I agree with everything you said my primary concern is that republicans will use illegal immigration as a wedge issue to win the next elections and do nothing about it afterwards just like they have not done a damn thing about it (besides Bush literally inviting more guest workers) during the last 5 years when they were in power.

    I trust you, AAA and others to be against illegal immigration and understand what's at stake, unfortunately I don't trust the politicians, especially republicans.:)
  6. Point your finger at which ever party you want, you would be pointing your finger at the source of the problem. You are correct that the Reps (with a few exceptions) haven't done a damn thing to stop illegal immgration.

    I am ready to support the Dems this fall, ONLY in hopes they will get control of the congress and impreach Bush, NOT BECAUSE his admin listened to some terrorist's phone calls, but because he deserves to be impeached, for the way he has handled the immigration issue and seems to support illegal immigration.
  7. That was Harry Reids response a dozen years ago, his stance has changed 100%.

    He now supports amnesty.

    I guess I didn't make that clear.
  8. If only we could unite and equalize political polarization generally ... even if just a little.

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    What's the racist part? I only saw discussion of illegal aliens...
  10. what really peeves me is the way mexico facilitates and supports people illegally coming into our country, while simultaneously vigorously defending their SOUTHERN border. if we protected OUR southern border like they protect theirs - well... illegal aliens would not be flowin into the country.

    the hypocrisy on mexico's part is absurd.

    their country's govt. is a massive failure to their people - THAT is why they stream into our country to find opportunity
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