Harry Dent - Opinions?

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  1. Harry Dent has written a few books with predictions about the stock market, housing market, and global economy. Has anyone tracked his accuracy? Is this guy worth following?


  2. Thanks for posting that. Classic he calls for the top in the first video in July, 2009. He reminds me of Weiss and Schiff. He has some valid macro points. I remember a friend telling me about Weiss screaming to get out of stocks in what turned out to be the low of 2002.
  3. Dent has been accurate and hugely off ... I mean extremely way way off.

    His model of relying heavily on demographics is sound however.

    Don't give him any money for that insight because ... well now you have the only valuable insight he has offered.

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  4. His projections hinge on deflation taking hold. The Fed is going to fight it tooth and nail.
  5. I thought he died in the hospital explosion scene in Dark Knight?