Harris Stratex Networks, (HSTX)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hughb, Jul 13, 2009.

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    First noticed this one on May 11 when it appeared in my scan due the the volume increase. I missed a couple of good entry points at the beginning and end of June but I'm taking this one. I always like to see a jump in volume after a long price slide. I bought a few minutes ago at 6.09.
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    Pulled my stop up to breakeven this morning after it hit 7. It's moving along rather nicely.
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    Stopped out this morning at 6.06
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    Very nice breakout on this one today, I wish I had still been paying attention to it. I've been looking at it for the last few minutes wondering if I should chase it and get back in. My first instinct is to say NO, but I remember NTRI back in 2005. I was stopped out early in NTRI two times in 05, but I chased it and hit big with it the third time in.

    Going to pop over to the bucket shop 24 hour window and put my buy ticket in tonight. That clerk behind the cage will look at me like I'm a sucker, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
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    Massive gap down today. My broker, Scottrade, would not let me sell it because of the name/symbol change. I finally sold it out after a lengthy phone call to the office.

    The name/symbol change occured weeks ago and even though the office said that they were waiting for the new shares from the transfer agent, I'm still going to hold them responsible for it. I'm going to close out all of my positions and open an account elsewhere, maybe TD Ameritrade or Fido. I've been with Scottrade since pre-internet days, since 1996 to be exact. I used to get good service from Scottrade prior to the internet. The broker on the other end of the phone was knowledgable and quick. However, since then, it seems like I'm talking to some recent high school grad who paid someone to take his Series 7 exam for him so he could work for $10 an hour at Scottrade. I remember once calling in to get a symbol for an index, maybe the Dow transports or whatever it was, and having the broker on the other end of the phone say, "what's the transports?" I hung up the phone and an email appeared in my email box to call the office. I called back and apparently the "broker" was upset that I hung up on him, he thought we may have lost the connection.

    Ironically, I got one of those offers in the mail just yesterday from TD Ameritrade. I'll go pull it out of the trash and see what they are offering.

    EDIT TO ADD: Just went to the site to sell out my other positions. I am actually short AVNW, the new symbol, while HSTX, (the old symbol), is still in my account with the big ol' "#" next to it indicating I can't sell it. This is a cluster fuck waiting to happen.