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  1. Hello,

    Did a google and found this forum. Just a little "slice of life" story for my first post. Recently moved to Chicago to trade as a IOM member. We've just recently moved into our brownstone and met our neighbor, Harris Brumfeld. I've been using TT's Xtrader for the last 6 months and had a pretty candid conversation with HB regarding the current state of the industry and the controversy surrounding the patent/IP litigation.

    I had some reservations about the guy, and honestly, those opinions didn't change after talking to him.
  2. Do you want to elaborate on what his thoughts were about the "current state of the industry and the controversy surrounding the patent/IP litigation..."? Or did you just want to tell use that he is your next door neighbor? :)
  3. Well, it wasn't to brag. He could buy every brownstone on the block. My point, if I have one, was that I went into the conversation with a fairly open-mind, but my opinion of his business practices haven't changed. I really do't want to elaborate and leave myself open to potential litigation, but I certainly don't share his view regarding exchange fees payable to TT. You can imagine that didn't sit well. He's cool as a cucumber, however.

    What made it surreal is that I was walking my kids to the nearby park and he was coming out his front door. I recognized him from a pic in the paper. I am sure he's a nice guy outside of his fiefdom.
  4. Thanks for replying.
  5. TT is taking out patents on the numbers 3 through 8. Anyone who uses them owes TT 0.05 cents for each use.
  6. If they were the first to invent those numbers, why not? Capitalism at work. :)