harrassed by 1-000-000-0000 calls

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  1. Getting harassed by tons of telemarketers and related bsers all day long. They seem to be immune to do not call list protocol.

    Anyone have any nifty solutions? I just answer and let loud music blaring into the speaker piece. Doesn't seem to do much, nor does telling them to quit. They use all kinds of different numbers to call.
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    telemarketers share phone database.

    if you have ever donated money to a charity, your name will be on the list for sure.

    if you have ever bought something, or inquire about a product by phone, your number will be there too.

    if you get a recording... the best you can do is to hang up.

    if you get a human call, and he asks you by name, say sorry wrong number...
    do that a few times and they will take you off the list.

    or... keep them talking... until they give up.
    they work by commish. Time is money... they need to close X number of deals a day to make the quota... and their commish jumps after the quota... so they are in a hurry to get X number of sale a day.
    They want suckers. They are looking for suckers.
    if you don't bite... they don't get paid.
    they are smart, they don't waste time on fish that don't bite... their supervisor, who is also on commish, will take your name off the list quickly.
  3. I am going to cancel my phone line... thats all I know to do.
  4. Downloaded phonetray a free filter application, looks promising. I'll report back after playing with it for awhile.
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    if i'm in a bad mood i tell them to screw off and get a real job

    if i'm in a lighter mood, i ask them what they're wearing and let it go on from there. or i just breath heavily and pervertedly into the phone
  6. I used to say "wow that is really interesting, I love buying stuff, hold on a minute" and lay the phone down.. when they give up and hang up the phone beeps at you... it wastes their time and takes no effort on your part.. downside is it ties up your phone for a few minutes but it's not like you yelled at them and got them pissed at you and they will be harassing you or anything...
  7. realize its their job, its nothing personal, just business.

    After that realization its simple to tell them

    a) Hey sorry, I don't need this, thanks for calling though *hang up*

    No fuss, nice and polite.
  8. When they ask my name or whatever I say "Hold on, I'll get him for ya". Then I hand the phone off to the youngest kid in the house and tell them it's Hannah Montana on the phone.

    It's so funny to hear a kid say to a telemarketer "Hey, you're not Hannah Montana" and start crying in the phone. Then I tell them it was a bad lady making a joke on the phone, "let's go get some ice cream".
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    I used that once with a firm that kept calling. Told them it was a new cell phone and number. They never called back.
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