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  1. anyone have an idea whats in store for this stock.. i kno bout the news that was announced a lil while ago... tx
  2. probably going for 82
    out of money calls dirt cheap cant be going for 90
  3. ty
  4. Minetoo


    Copernicus can you explain why this stock is stalled around $82 when the agreed takeover price is $90? Isn't there 8 bucks free money just laying there?
  5. speculation price.. not offical yet
  6. someone with news other than dow jones is pretty confident that HET is not going for more than 82.

    I took a shot with cheap 85 calls so hopefully he/she/they are wrong :)
  7. wtf, why is it going to take a year to close.
    private buy out no regulatory scrutiny...
  8. Oh good. I don't feel so bad unloading the few hundo shares I picked up at 82 and a half minutes before they halted trading. It would've just tied up capital for a year? to realize seven and a half dollar gain. right?
  9. no it will continue to trade, shareholders must accept it first, they also have 25 days to accept a higher bid if it comes.. price should move to deal price as time goes by and deal is closed, thats your reason why its at 82 now, its estimated to take about a year...
  10. Ok, sort of like when Boston Scientific and J&J were bidding for Guidant? Don't you think the stock will reopen closer to 90 than where it currently is? Well, whatev, I'm not in the trade, no use 'monday morning quarterbacking' this one, eh?
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