Harmonics Vecchie Illusioni

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  2. You are turning into a stalker ocean5. The last one that did that went crazy.
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    Do not confuse a stalker with devotee.I just keep working with the material,pose questions,make conclusions etc...

    If your ass is scratching, im not interested.Find someone else to satisfy your scratching shit vat.
  4. I've always entertained this question: would it be better to try to learn Hershey trading, crawl through the endless broken glass, humble oneself in the extreme, take verbal abuse from Jack Himself as the highest honor, etc. in an effort to earn 3X range/day or would it be better to develop a method that earns 1X range/day and put three contracts on it..
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    you cant climb on the fir-tree without scratching you buttocks at first, as they say in Russia...or, an alternative - ðûáêó ñúåñòü è íàõóé ñåñòü would suffice.to me, it`s better to learn how things work,then reinvent the wheel till eternity.you`ll try to live till Hershey age,and see if you have to say something,let alone to help someone.and yes,even abuses are taken as a honor from the guru,as they say.besides,hard words sometimes work better.'everybody must give something back for something they get...'(it was Bob Dylan)

    So i`d rathe make 1XATR by skills,then 3XATR by accident.
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    Meanwhile,Spider confused the two - odd and even functions.
  7. Don't Over complicate SCT.

    1- Look for even harmonics on points 1 and 3 and odd harmonics on part 2.

    2- Continue to differentiate P's and T's

    3- Watch out for Flukes. :D
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    even harmonics occur on all points from 1 to ftt and this is a reversal.odd harmonics occur within the distance between the points and this is a continuation.Spider confused both.
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    And I live in harmony

  10. Or, maybe you are confused.
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