Harmless fun

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wwatson1, Feb 21, 2002.

  1. Here’s a bit of fun for you. I found it the other day.


    Please do not delete this tread moderator as I am not affiliated with this site in anyway, and I think everyone will find it interesting
  2. janko


    ahh this thing rocks, cool site. after a long day of looking at butt load of charts, why not play a game with more charts:D
  3. Good fun.
  4. iiphos


    that was a blast. got a 23,500.
  5. ericdh


    That was fun....till the last 4 charts, cut my points by 2/3's, kinda reminded me of trading over lunch :D
  6. How can you choose an expected range -as expressed in percentage terms-for the stock to be trading at in the future if there is no price scale on the charts? I am looking at previous levels at which the stock traded for possible "targets" but I have no idea what those prices were since there is no scale. How than can I predict a % movement?!
  7. Nebeno


    Was fun except the very first chart I got was just bouncing in a small range, and then gapped down 12%+ on the very next bar after what I could see. Shoulda seen that one coming :)

  8. DAT its just a game.

    relax a bit!!:(