Hardware solution for mobile trading on the road? Laptop and portable monitors?

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  1. Hi all,

    I plan on traveling more next year and wish to look into solutions for a trading set-up to accomodate that. Think renting an apartment for an extended stay in a new city, not trading from airport or anything like that, but still mobile enough to be able to travel with.

    Currently trading off 2 x 22" screens + my laptop screen. I do need 3 screens, but they donĀ“t need to be 22" screens.

    An alternative would be to buy/rent screens wherever I go? Still, the optimal might be portable monitors.

    Anyone doing anything similar and have any advice/recommendations?

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    I have traveled and traded on and off for the past few years. A few suggestions:

    * I use the GeChic 2501C 15" portable monitor as a second monitor. A great monitor, and it uses a USB connection for power so that you don't need to bring another power brick. One advantage of the GeChic over the USB monitors is that the GeChic has both HDMI and VGA inputs, so you don't need additional drivers like the USB monitors. If you have a very new laptop with the USB-C video output, there are even more options available.

    * Instead of bringing a third screen, I usually bring a very thin 15-foot HDMI cable and use the hotel TV as a third monitor.

    * Hotel WiFi, especially in the USA, very frequently is awful. I usually bring a very thin 15-foot Ethernet cable to plug into an Ethernet port if available. It helps, even if I have to pay extra for in-room Ethernet access. I also bring a small portable travel router (TP-Link TL-WR810N), so that my cellphone and anyone traveling with me can also share the Ethernet connection via WiFi.

    * Bring a travel adapter to turn one electrical plug into many outlets. Even better if it has a built-in surge suppressor, and USB charging plugs. Also bring a converter for turning a 2-prong plug into 3-prong.

    * Last but not least, when you are packing up everything to leave the room, pack all the accessories first, then pack your laptop last. No way you can leave the laptop behind since the weight of the bag will be a sign; but it is very easy to leave a cord or adapter behind.
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    I traveled in past a lot by plane, so I bought a Samsonite hard plastic case that has exactly the size that is accepted as hand luggage. I can put 1 laptop and two 22" screens (HP Pavilion 22XW) in it with the needed protection. As hand luggage you control what happens with your equipment yourself as you take it with you in plane. I have seen how checked in luggage is loaded (thrown) in a plane, that's something you really should avoid.
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    they no longer allow lithium batteries in checked luggage and there are limits to what you can carry on....
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    3 Ipads? Or Samsung A10.5s if you want to go cheaper, get 1 with 4G and hot spot to the other 2?

    Or you can wifi use as extended screens to your laptop i think with software?

    Or 3 Windows tablets if you need PC OS?
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    I have quite old netbook for that. Asus eeePC, remember those ? It's not that powerfull, not that fancy, but it just doing it's job quite nicely. It was very popular and seems everyone have it. But I plan to upgrade cause new software may require some more power to get it done
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    WRONG. At least in Europe.
    I had to cut and paste the header and the rules:
    2019-04-08 18_33_22-Window.jpg 2019-04-08 18_33_09-Window.jpg

    My laptop has 53.2408 Wh, so no problem. I have a I7 gaming laptop.
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    Well, I flew from NYC to London this March 30th and they said no devices with Lithium-ion batteries and when I was checking in my luggage the airline agent asked if I had any devices with Lithium batteries but as you pointed out it could be a US thing.
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    What I posted were the rules that are applied also in the UK... So London would be no problem.

    I know that for the US it is indeed a problem. So you should have problems with mobile phones too? What to do if you travel for business? Leave the battery at home and buy one abroad? Since the US has forbidden Lithium there was not a single problem with the thousands of planes that admitted lithium batteries. Paranoia?
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