Harder to make profits in Forex vs Stocks?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Maverickz, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Is it just me or is it much harder to make profits off of small moves in the Forex market vs the Stock market?

    The reason I feel this way is the inability to be "seen" in the market place due to the fact that whatever brokerage service you use will be the one taking the counter to all your trades.

    What I mean is with stocks if the Bid is say $9.35 and the Ask is $9.38 and I want to sell quickly I can put in a limit sell order of $9.37 and since I am now the inside ask I have a high degree of probability of being the next order filled.

    With Forex if the contract has a Bid 11 and an Ask 14 and I place a limit sell order at 13, I will NOT get filled until the actual Bid price moves to 13 regardless of what the last actual trading prices were. I have had in limit sells for 13 and watched the actual last trade prices rise as high as 2 pips above my price and still I never get filled.

    This makes me feel like the markets are sort of rigged against regular traders. So is this just me or am I correct in this thinking?
  2. Do some chart reading and find a trading strategy that will generate profits for you...

    Scalping is a JOKE IMO for forex....

    Especially around News, the spreads will eat you alive...
  3. I am not trying to scalp but even on long moves I still feel like I always get screwed since a Forex broker will not fill your order until the bid (for sells) and asks (for buys) reach your limit or stop price, not what the pair is currently trading at.

    Say I go long at 11 and the pair moves in my favor I place a limit sell at 20 to take my profit. If the pair moves so the Bid is 19 and the Ask is 22 then moves back down I will not get filled even while watching actual pairs being traded at 22 which is ABOVE my limit price. This seems somehow wrong.

    In stocks if I have a limit I am actually listed in the market so if I have a sell limit order at $9.20 the probability of the stock trading for $9.22 without me getting a fill is next to zero.
  4. Who is your broker???
  5. www.gftforex.com

    but it seems that would be the case for any/all brokers that take 100% of your countertrades...which is I thought all of them.