Harder getting to the top or staying there?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by ps0013, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I've been thinking about this question lately. When you start from zero is it harder getting to the top of the mountain (making more money than you can imagine and being consistently successful trading) or...staying there once you've made it. I haven't made it, YET so I can't answer this question myself.

    Anyone been to the mountain top?

    Still there?
  2. TRS


    "Making more money than you can imagine". Interesting. I avoid thoughts like this. Just me.

    I'm not a mountain climber but I doubt that a mountain climber has their eyes fixed on the peak. The process and sense of awareness would be the same for every step.
    If you're a mountain climber, when you get to the top of the mountain you still have to descend. As a trader we seek to stay at the summit. Both these tasks require process and awareness.
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    Very good answer. I wouldn't say that I dwell on the thought of more money than can imagine, just used that as part of the "mountain top" With the journey up-down-or staying on top, 1 miss step can be disasterous...Taking the whole mountain analogy out...I think getting to the top will be harder than staying there...
  4. You are competing against yourself when you reach the top (whatever, wherever that may be). People sabotage their own business.

    It takes much preparation and work to get your first apple cart. The dynamics then change and risk is larger to obtain your second apple cart. Often times the expansion, you risk losing it all. Double or nothing.
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    You need to stick to that 1 apple cart long enough, and make enough profit, so that 2nd (double) has room to grow just like that 1st one did and the risk level doesn't change...