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  1. I just installed a new SATA harddrive (configured as a 2nd drive). However, while it's recognized in the BIOS, Windows XP does not recognize it. I have no idea how to even begin to fix this since I don't think that I need to install any special drivers. Any suggestions appreciated.


  2. I might be out of my league here...

    Can you make the SATA the Primary Master and your other one the Slave... I've read sometimes when there are both SATA and PATA drives, the SATA needs to be made primary.

    I've found times when Windows didn't recognize one of my HDs (though BIOS did) and I ran the "install HD" utility in Acronis True Image. That worked all around, except the installed HD was repartitioned and therefore wiped clean. (That's not a problem though, just clone the other onto it for a backup copy.)
  3. Hey Gnome:

    Thanks for the suggestion. But, they are both SATA drives. I'll do the reformat/reinstall thing as a last resort - hoping to find an alternative solution before doing something that drastic.

  4. Here's one solution if you don't find a more simple one....

    I presume you're using HD cloning as backup? If so, you need quality cloning software. If you don't already have Acronis True Image, you can download a copy for $29.99, Newegg. Then, mount the new HD in Secondary postion and use the "Install new HD" function.
  5. You don't need any special drivers. When you say that XP doesnt recognize it, what specifically do you mean? Does it show up in computer management->disk management? BTW, has this drive ever been formatted or is it brand-new? If it is not formatted this it is normal for it to not show up as an available drive under "My Computer" until you format it. All drives should show up under the disk management applet, even if the OS doesnt recognize the filesystem (or if it hasnt been formatted yet) You can format it and assign it a drive letter from disk management.
  6. Winter:

    Thd drive is brand new, never formatted. It doesn't show up as a device anywhere in windows XP - not even in device manager or disk management. But, I can still choose it as a boot device in the BIOS (though it wouldn't boot of course since it's not formatted or have an OS on it yet). It's just really weird.

    Thanks for any other ideas.

  7. I've seen exactly that several times... you have my solution.
  8. Ok sorry, sometimes its hard to tell someone's level of knowledge, checking for it in device mgr was my second suggestion so you are already ahead of me. Wish I could be of more help, very strange that its not showing up at all in XP when it does in BIOS. What kind of system is this?
  9. Gnome:

    Thanks. I will definitely try your solution. Do you know what it is that Acronis True image does to make windows XP recognize the drive?



  10. A thought....

    Are your drives jumpered Master/Slave or Cable Select? Whichever they are, try the other.
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