Hardcover Trading Books and DVDs FREE (almost)

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  1. Over the years I accumulated trading (mis)information. Some useful. Some not. In the spirit of Eminem, it's time I cleaned out my closet.

    CDROM "How to Lose Money Profitably" Mark Cook

    DVD "So You Wanna Be a Trader?" Mark Cook

    BOOK "Inside The DayTrading Game" George Angell

    BOOK "New Market Strategies" George Angel

    BOOK "Safe $ex on Wall Street" Van William Knox & Peter J. DeAngelis

    CDROM "Ultimate Trade Method"

    CDROM "Futures Trading Secrets"

    CDROM "Momentum Trend Trade"

    CD Sounds like Country/Soft Rock. Unknown artist

    CDROM "7th Guest" Computer Game

    None are pdf files or otherwise. Must take physical posession.

    email: theprofitprophet@gmail.com
    for details.
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    Put them on ebay for sale.