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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by seasonedpro, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. Anyone else at Assent frustrated with the meager hard to borrow list. Half the time seems like can't even short the Qs and can never short the DIAs.

    Can anyone explain why in play stocks like NOIZ, CAFE, WPTE, etc. make it to our HTB list so quickly?

    Seems like other PRO shops have a lot more availability to short these issues.
  2. nassau


    because the broker has to own the stock to allow a short they are relucant to go out and buy etc when they know the market direct....
    thus the not available to this time...but once the move is over they will offer the stock ....
    also i have noticed the stock is halted or even worse...most of the exhcanges have tech problems....

    you can also pay to have the short positions cost a few cents in realtionship to a move if you really want the position...

    unfortunately it is their game...I also like short positions but have found that while I am accumulating a position the fact I can not add when I sometimes need/want to.. ends up having me out of my desired position...longs are much more safer...

    I also have tried several brokers....big and small ...all the same... pass the buck....

    have you had problems exiting your shorts.....I find that many times I have put in a limit order...had the market go through my price by up to 10cents and only part fill me...one recent trade I had a limit order in and the market was below my exit price by 4/5 cents for several minutes and I was not covered...
    My position was over 20k shares....filled approx. 3k...
    broker stated ecn's problem.... a flow through..and then states well it is really illegal but nothing we can do..

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    FYI... there's not a HTB list anymore. Ever since Reg SHO, there is a long list of stocks which compile an Easy To Borrow list, which is thousands of stocks, compared to the hundreds on the old HTB lists. The problem is, the criteria for becoming "easy to borrow" has made it a bit more difficult for stocks to make it to the ETB list. The big restriction has to do with "failure to delivers"... I can't remember the details, but I know that's why some firms have a hard time making something ETB. Or, if the SPY's are paying a dividend, it may keep them off the ETB list.
  4. im involved with a firm that locates hard shorts for me.I pay interday a small fee and another fee if i hold overnight.i can short mostly any stock and I LOVE IT.
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    The same is true of Assent. Call the stock loan dept. The number is at the top of the easy-to-borrow list on the clearing website.

    In-play stocks become hard-to-borrow because everybody suddenly wants them, either to sell their position, or to borrow. Simple supply/demand.
  6. IB - ~5300
    Genesis ~3900
    The rest ~3300