Hard To Beat Logitech..

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. I had a 3-year old Mx510 mouse which still worked perfectly, but had a couple of "feet" worn off. I inquired to their warranty department, "do worn-out feet count for a warranty claim"?

    They said, "We don't have an feet to send you for that... and we don't have any Mx510s to replace it. How about we send you a brand new Mx518?"

    Can't beat that! :D
  2. skepticaltrader

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    The logitech M518 is a good mouse. I use it all day doing computer aided design, so it get a lot of punishment.

    Its still holding up strong.
  3. Wow, amazing. I don't find worn feet after 3 years very shocking so I'm really amazed at their response.
    Wonder what happens if you complain about the Mx518 having worn feet in 3 years :)

    I agree Logitech hard to beat
  4. I'm afraid the warranty on this new Mx518 will only run until the end of my original Mx510 warranty... a few months.

    While I was waiting for the process to get the new one to me, I tried about 4 different mice. The Mx518 feels the best and smoothest.

    I'm also typing on a cheap Logitech keyboard, but I like it better than the ones which ship with new Dells...