Hard selloff in the last 30 minutes

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. Lets just see, this reminds me of 2001.
  2. reminds me of June 8th 2007
  3. Shoot I forgot options experiations next week, the markes are always up that week.
  4. notouch


    Are you still long at 13780 in the YM?
  5. Wow! Too freakin' funny. I have all my screens shut down except for Bonds (which are barely moving). But about an hour ago I got bored and started selling 1 and 2 lots in the YM (which I haven't traded 10 times the last 2 years). I sold them from around 350 to 362 and covered the last couple at 350. All and all I made around $400 on 7 a side. Just video gambling type of thing.

    When I saw your thread I thought "oh, shit I should've stayed with those YM's!" I am so freakin' glad I got out!! I would've been so pissed to drop 2k in some contract that I have no axe to grind.

    I'm completely agnostic at this moment on stocks. I hate 'em. But that's always. Right here and now IMO the market is going to make new highs. The final straw. What's a better way to get more folks in at record highs then to squeeze shorts on higher interest rate news. Stocks have been disconnected from rates for four years. I suspect that disconnect continues for a couple of more months and then a vicious reversal 4th quarter from those recently prevalent year end explosions.
  6. Reminds me of the time I just played a pick 6 for fun while I was passing an OTB and collected 200k.

    Funny as hell.
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    Yes the hard selloffs on 2-27/month following reminded me of 2001 also, a bear market for sure.

    This looks more like a correction in a bull trend[50,200dma up]

    REmember my last trade, last hour,2-27;
    got short in ES, an shortly ES started stalling on downtrend.coveredwith 1 point.

  8. .....and then you lost it all trying to trade.