hard drive thinks forever before saving

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tomahawk, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Every day I downlaod and save anywhere from 30-50 charts by copying them individually into Paint and saving as jpegs ... don't ask me why, it's a bit archaeic, I know.

    Anyway, when I open the 'save as' window, the drive starts sputtering around for anywhere from 6-10 seconds before I can even type anything in the name box ... then finally I can name the file and save it. It's very frustrating because it makes the process take many more times longer than it should.

    In the past it seemed like making some more space on the HD helped with this problem, but not this time.

    Any ideas? ... thanks in advance.

    My comp specs are :

    Dell XPS w/Core 2 duo, 2.39Ghz; 2.00 Gb RAM; 228Gb HD (25.2 used)
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    take a look at your Task Manager.
    It is most likely that you have used up your 2GB of memory, and the computer is swapping between RAM and harddisk.
  3. Have you run a defrag on your hd?
  4. Hmmm ... looks ok now that everything's closed, but maybe with all the live charts open at the same time there is a problem.

    Thanks .. I'll check that out with everything open tomorrow or maybe later this evening.
  5. Not yet. Just did the "cleanup disk" thing, but I'll try defrag next. .. Thanks.
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    Now that you have the charts closed, does it still take a long time to save to disk?

    If you are using VISTA, sorry, 2GB is not a lot.
  8. No it works fast when everything's closed ... so that's not good news. Yet I know there have been times in the past when it wasn't this slow even with all the charts open. It seems like it's gotten progressively worse the more HD space gets used up. But like I said, only about 10% of it is used up right now. I did just defrag, so I'll see how it goes tomorrow with everything open.

    Using XP by the way.

    Thanks for the comments and ideas.
  9. Interesting ... thanks.
  10. What anti-virus/anti-spyware are you using? These usually cause a HD performance hit.
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