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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by vanilla2, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. frequently, in the middle of the night when i am totally inactive on my pc, i hear the HD chatting away incessantly for long periods of time, anywhere from 10-30 minutes. when i come in to check it out and move the mouse or change focus by clicking on anything, it stops for the duration of my activity. about ten minutes after i leave, it starts again. not every night, but many nights.

    naturally, this has me a little paranoid. i'm running XP pro. at night, only tradestation, tws and excel are running behind zonealarm (which is configured correctly to only allow incomming and outgoing traffic by user permission on a case by case basis). ZERO other applications in the taskbar by the clock. in tradestation, i'm not feeding any busy data after hours. i update and run spybot frequently to do housecleaning. as far as i know, i have no regularly scheduled pc maintenance type activity at all. it's not tws logging back in at 12:40 or so, or TS reloading charts after the occasional disconnect and refresh. i defrag regularly.

    what could this be??
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    Is your virous detection on automatic update ?
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    Generally the problem your describing isn't a problem but XP doing normal indexing housekeeping(times vary depending on the changes since last index). The system will completely index every file on the hard drive once in every 24 hour period if left on all the time. The indexing speeds up the search for files that programs and the OS calls by looking them up first in the index which is written to disk but cache in memory for faster reference. Microsoft has been doing this since the first release of windows NT 3.1 through XP.

  4. interesting, thanks very much. that makes me feel a lot better.

    thanks again!
  5. Someones uploading your entire hard drive. And when you move your mouse, they see it and stop until you go back to sleep! :eek:

    (lol...sorry, couldn't resist)
  6. thats what i was thinkin man! my worst fear. well, maybe not my worst...
  7. No, the FBI tapping into all of that Porn on your hard-drive is your worst fear . . .

  8. No, MY WIFE tapping into all of that Porn on my hard-drive is my worst fear...

  9. hey! i ain't no pre-vert