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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Phreedm, Jan 17, 2004.

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    Several week ago I started a thread about buying a barebones computer. I've been keeping an eye on hard drives and have found a great deal on a Western Digital 160GB hard drive.

    Office Max has this hard drive on sale for 79.99.

    Best Buy sells this for 179.00.

    With Best Buy offering a 115% price guarantee, the final price is somewhere around 55.99. Sounds like a great deal to me.
    Anyone care to share their opinion about the quality of this hard drive?
  2. Phreedm


    Geeez...scratch the last post. Upon reading with my glasses on I see it's an external hard drive.

    I guess I should have a cup of coffee before I try to sound smart.....
  3. FYI - Western Digital hard drives are good. I used to call them "Chevy's" years ago. :)
  4. Plug into an available USB port and start backing up your files right away

    Can be stacked with other external hard drives

    Product Name
    Description Unit Expected Delivery Price Quantity

    Western Digital 160GB Internal Hard Drive.

    which is it...lol.....Phreedm, it's easy enough to see why you figured it was internal because that's what it says under product description. Yet is says "can be stacked with *other* external hard drives"

    Maybe it's multi- tasking....:D one thing's for certain - the price is good for 160 GB
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