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  1. For those with some free time, watching HAR trade is quite something...
  2. Hilarious.

    That guy is very greedy though, he does not like filling limit orders.

    I only ended up making one trade, never got filled the other 2 times.
  3. The question in my mind was had he lost control or was he just really good...:)
  4. He didn't lose control, I've traded the stock enough on crazy days to know what he does. He runs day traders left and right just abusing them with the spreads & fake bid/offer sizes. They keep falling for it so why stop. What I did notice is that HAR has become really bad with respecting orders, he just freezes out the limits and suckers market orders out with which he runs the price away from the limit orders. Today is one thing, heavy action day on news but he does the same shady BS on a semi-normal day (like a gap down). It's very hard to get proper entries even by crossing offers and Im not flipping big size in him, I put in 100 share orders to scale.
  5. lots of fun trading this HAR, but sizing up over 1k was tough.
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  6. PSE (Arca) was the way to go today with this. I had a couple of limit orders filled on NYSE, but a few that just sat there, despite being within the posted market.

    Later, when covering my short, I just nailed an ARCA offer that was crossing the market to my favor.
  7. Yeah I know, I was trying to feel him out through NYSE, for some strange & stupid reason. Should have grabbed some of those ECN offers when he was ripping. I covered my short on ECNs but to get in I went market and it took me about 2 points to get filled. I wasn't really focused on HAR, it was just for fun. The real trade was to intraday swing it from the morning, trying to scalp it like a regular stock is just asking for the specialist to rob you.

    The ECNs are a load of fun on him though.
  8. Don't know this stock, but if you just look at the charts, it's nothing I don't see 1000 times a week on Nasdaq.
  9. Amen!
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