Happy Vet's Day - Trump convicted of stealing your contributions.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lindq, Nov 8, 2019.

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    3 wives; hundreds of affairs; countless abortions; 38 defined, documented cases of assault; 16 Deferments from Vietnam; 19 bankruptcies; 8,263 lawsuits; a 54” waistline; a 97 IQ; 75,296 lies since his Inauguration; a Credit Rating of 400; 5 charities shut down; no friends; last sat in a Pew in 2002; and a 27 Handicap.

    Clearly a role model of ethics and swamp drainer.

    $2 million from his charity that was supposed to go to St. Judes wound up in his own bank account. Instead of saying, "OMG that is terrible I had no idea! Let me write you a personal check for that is triple that amount!" he is screaming about it calling it "extortion" from the New York State legal system.

    There is no bleeping bottom with this a-hole!"
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  3. newwurldmn


    But he’s not corrupt because he has a lot of money.
    -a typical trump supporter on this site.
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  4. This family have been scamming people for decades , the free lunches are over.

  5. Overnight


    I can understand and believe a lot of those stats, but where have those stats above ever been mentioned?

    54" waistline? I never bothered to notice his waistline, but that seems very...round.

    97 IQ? Did he actually release records from his primary school years? I thought he fought to keep those records sealed? (As if they would even have them. Or is this that whole "permanent record" thing they used to scare us with when we were young?) Lol, remember that? Quite silly.
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    Perhaps, lets just keep it simple.

    Odd that the guy who had to pay $25 million for running fraudulent University and $2 million for running a scam charity is concerned with corruption in Ukraine.
  7. maxpi


    When Clinton was getting it on with a 19yo girl Democrats were saying "it doesn't affect his ability to do his job". Now "the resistance" is claiming the high moral ground.. just shows what intellectual and moral garbage they are.

    As long as our 45th president keeps on building the wall, appointing judges that uphold the constitution, giving us the best economy in our lifetimes, providing people of every race, creed, color, gender, etc. with gainful employment, etc. he will be just fine with most of us...
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    22 is 19 now? Consensual sex isn't illegal (yet). Extortion, abuse of power, bribery, obstruction of Justice, perjury, violation of electoral law, fraud, all of these are illegal. You should know, they nailed Clinton for one of them.
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    There is no wall, his judges are Sharia law types neophytes who want religion in government, economy is starting to go shit - manufacturing already in recession, job growth is slower than Obama's.