Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

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  1. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend all you traders!!! :)

    (BTW...Landis, this has NOTHING to do with TRADING!!!) :eek: :D
  2. :p
  3. What a nice gesture. Well YOU TO BRO!

    MY little kid has the stomach flu but I hope its gone by tomorrow night.
  4. I'm waiting for someone to come and say Thanksgiving is a conspiracy; a planned transfer of wealth between taxpayers and turkey farmers :D
  5. timbo


    Yes. It's a marketing scheme.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving all!

    (Just got done watching Quantum of Solace - good flick if you're looking for action)
  7. :D

    Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  8. Be THANKFUL for everyday you wake up and martial law has not yet been imposed!!! :eek:

  9. Remember everyone.....don't overcook your BIRD today!

    Eat lots of good food....forget about the markets......and have a great Thanksgiving Day!
  10. ================
    Thanks/ Thanksgiving [month] AMT:cool: ;
    not forget the market part, but other wise , thats wise:D
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