Happy Solstice

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  1. Technically I'm a bit late but...

    As we all know, Jesus was not really born on Dec 25th. The date was chosen to usurp the solstice-based celebrations. Like much of religion, it is a fabrication. But regardless of religion, race, or where you are on earth the solstice is real. Many if not all the world's religions use this as time for observance and celebration. In the southern hemisphere it means the beginning of summer and of course in the north the beginning of winter. For us in the north it is the shortest day. From here on out the days get longer and the sun starts rising higher. The next three months may be the coldest but conversely the sun gets stronger. Our spirits may sag, but the sun, our most important thing, promises a coming spring.

    The animal within us all can feel the pull. Our inherent nature knows. All life on earth is united by this change. It can remind us that all life on earth is cut from the same cloth and a common thread runs through it/us all. All life on earth is family. One unfortunate aspect of Christianity and Judaism is the placing us philosophically as separate beings from Nature. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    I'm not suggesting that we have to go and dance around Stonehenge, but just to appreciate this astronomical event as something that reminds us of our common attachment to Nature and to each other regardless of religion or race, and this sphere we all call home.
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