Happy Sequester Day!

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Will automatic spending cuts cause discernible economic pain?

  1. Yes. The SP500 will be at 1200 in a year.

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  2. No. The SP500 will continue to chug higher. 1600+ By year end.

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  3. I don't know. What does this have to do with the SP500 anyway?

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  4. I don't care.

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  1. nitro


    The FT is making the same mistake that everyone else makes.

    For the last time, the USGOV/FED is not interested in just US economy anymore, but the entire world. Seen from that perspective, "equality" has skyrocketed, in fact at the expense of the US.

    Will it work? I have no idea. If it does work, it may be a "1 step backwards to take two steps forward" strategy, and there will be a lag, which may be what we are seeing. It it works, DOW 100,000. If it doesn't, WWIII.

    #41     Mar 4, 2013
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Down 100,000 is $28 per gallon gas. We'll all be dead long before that, as our society will come to a screeching halt.
    #42     Mar 4, 2013
  3. nitro


    That would be true, except that is not how technology works. Solar and Wind and Hydrogen and Nuclear would long have replaced oil by then in many critical areas.
    #43     Mar 4, 2013
  4. Although Tsing puts out the number $28 dollars for a gallon of gas, lets take a look over the years I've been driving.

    Gas was about 39 cents back in 1973, now we are at $3.90. gas has increased 10x. In another 40 years gas should be $40 bucks a gallon.

    Where's the technology in the last 40 years to counter the 10x price increase?

    We had fuel effecient cars back in the 70's. We haven't made much progress.

    Even if we have Solar and Wind and Hydrogen and Nuclear auto's. I doubt the cost per driving mile will come down. There'll be mileage tax, insurance, mantenance cost to offset using less gasoline.

    There' no hope...actually there is hope....get a 100k student loan and graduate college and earn big money. :D
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  5. actually there is hope...... borrow 100k, skip college, go long Goog, cramer says "It's not that expensive of a stock."
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  6. pspr


    In 1972 I remember buying gas for 16 cents in Colorado. The non-price-war price was at 19 cents for quite a long time through out the central states. So, it's actually up about 20x. Make that price in about 40 years around $80 a gallon just from normal price inflation.
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  7. Ricter


    Because one of your premises is wrong.
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  8. Back in 73, there was a time I working in a restaurant (part time). I would take the days tips, buy a six pack, 3 gallons of gas and drink and drive.

    (A quarter was a big tip) but then so was Secretariat to win.
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  9. jem


    that is the fist time I have seen you say that.
    while I am not sure you are correct about the FEDS goals.

    I will not argue with you that our USGOV politicans, I have argued that they have been so compromised by campaign bribes / money it sure does look that way.

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