Happy "pi" day eve!!

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  1. What, if anything, transpires tomorrow, happy pi day eve regardless!

    Been marked on my calendar for over 2 yrs now.
  2. I thought that was March 14th?????
  3. For a taste of the "pi" in question, go back and look at your charts on the equity indexes leading up to and the day of Feb 27, 2007. That was the last pi day.
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    PR,can u explain a little more
  5. Seeing as how it's been told to me take his days +- a few days I think Monday's PA is confirming. Stock turder is gonna get crushed!:D

  6. Papa,

    You're one of the coolest posters on ET. I, for one, appreciate your commentary on Natural gas ( although I trade CL).

    What's Pi day?

    PS, I saw how the market crashed 58 points on 2/27/7
  7. Market Armstrong cycle turn date. Look him up. One of the best with cycles.
  8. Thanks for the kind words, you never know what you'll get here, coming from a sea of brilliance to labotomized one legged idiots and everything in between.

    I cannot say I fully subscribe to this mans work, however, you can't ignore the action of past dates either. Maybe it is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy or some variation of, I don't know. I do know to watch out on those dates. And so you guys know, the sell-off on 2/27/07 started while we all slept, in the asian markets. When I looked at the markets early the next morning, the es was already down like 20 or more pts, (cannot remember how much exactly), which was very big at that time.

  9. When is Festivus?

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    Usually in Dec. Are you planning to go this year?
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