Happy partying

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fantastic_real, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. How lucky you, Americans, are.
    We are all watching from far overseas and starting to wonder why our politicians can't excite us into partying as yours can.

    Good partying.
    Now I regret not to have booked a US trip for January... because of the trader expo in Feb!
  2. I like the British way of doing prime minster changes. Spending over $100 million on inauguration is excessive.

    Less pomp is better.
  3. 170 million was the last figure i heard. Nice of them to not only blow our taxpayer money, but leave a huge carbon footprint from all those busses transporting people to the capital, all the garbage that will be everywhere when the party is over, ect...

    This is the "Change" people wanted.