Happy New Year from TradeStation!

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Surdo, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. Surdo


    Is anybody else losing their connection to TradeStation every 5 minutes today?

    I have only been on hold with them listening to Vivaldi for 15 minutes so far.

    Anybody know how to change servers?

    el surdo

    PS: I hope you all voted for them for T.A.S.C. broker of the new millenium. That they had no technical problem e mailing you to vote 5 times!
  2. My connection is fine.

  3. Yep, never disconnected yesterday, or this morning.
    Actually, I am rather pleased with TS, as far as connection and fills are concerned. I doubt the perfect platform exists.
  4. good connection today
  5. Surdo,

    I had problems also....but just after I finished trading for the day.

    To change Servers....either close TS and open again or do the following on you Pull Down menu.

    TradeStation Network

    Type in the Server you want from the list....sometimes that works. Also....I set my Cache file....where it says Delete data..................etc....to Zero. Why?....because TS is well known for their Corrupted Data. It takes longer to open TS in the morning....but not that much longer. I would rather start with fresh data.

    I have traders that I work with....their Candlesticks often look Totally different than mine....because of the Corrupted Data problem. Setting the Cache to Zero....usually fixes the problem. By the way....while the Data from all the TS servers should be the same....when Printing the Candles or Bars....they are often different....no matter if you set the Cache to Zero or not.

    Probably more info than you wanted to know....but it ticks me off about these problems....since TS has really done nothing to fix them....for YEARS.

    One more thing. TS freezing problems....is why I keep my Trading Platform....on a different computer. I had many times....on a previous version of TS....where the TS freezing....would freeze my computer....and I would have to call my broker....to get out of a trade. And this is One of the reasons....I use TS....for Charting only....not trading. I do a lot of Scalping....and the Stoneage TS Matrix....is way too slow for me. I would like to be able to trade with TS....but won't do it....untill they fix the Matrix....which I doubt they will do.

  6. I've had lots of trouble this am and afaik you can not switch servers.

    Been going on awhile IMO.

  7. Only mildly irritating thing for me is that between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. PST I get booted from the TS network and have to manually log back in.

  8. Surdo


    Thanks guys!

    'looks like my connectivity cured itself......
    I went shopping instead and had a great day.

    el surdo