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    Happy New Year Elite Traders!

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  2. DevBru


    How about an update regarding the new "prop firm"?

    There are traders who have been waiting for 3 months to get their live account, all you offer now is a "live sim".

    Not just the standard BS "just a few more weeks" ... it has been just 2 more weeks or so for 3 months now ...
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  3. They are not. Just because they are trying to do business and make money, you do not have to fall for it. I have gotten paid by them. Just don't be a fool. The combines or tests are meant to make these companies money otherwise they would not exist. But if you are not a fool like pretty much everybody else that thinks can make money in such tight restrictions then you know what to do. They will pay you. Prob you will get paid from somebodys pocket and you will still be in a demo account. But who the f cares if you get paid. If you make consistent money the owner will prob make a partner in the firm.
  4. If you use more than one contract say crude oil or nq or es in such tight conditions you are a fool or a newbie. That is a freebie. Keep risk low. Follow the rules and if it takes 3 months pay the fee. What that shows is that you know how to trade and make and keep money. Not beat the clock.