Happy Mothers Day

Discussion in 'Events' started by vinigar, May 12, 2002.

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    I used to work at a sweat shop factory for a number of years. Those people would work us every day of the week, Saturday and Sunday....even on Holidays like xmas and 4 th of July. They made it mandatory or else lose your job. I would go outside the shop to take my break and look out over the parking lot and look at all the cars that were there. Id just shake my head in disgust and think about all us guys in here working all the time trying to eak out a living and survive.... But, there was one day every year that that parking lot was completely empty!

    And that day was.........MOTHERS DAY:)
  2. who cares :-/
  3. vinigar


    Your Post tells me something about you! You're absolutely worthless.
  4. :-0

    ps btw, you missspelled vinegar.
  5. get real.

    this holiday is nothing more than an excuse manufactured by the retailers to sucker you in to spending even more money with them.

    have you ever wondered why there's a "hoilday" for every stupid thing?

    think man. think! :-/
  6. nitro


    Brother Pussy,

    Although I agree with the Economics of your analysis, it is very hard, IMHO, to monetarize everything and still live a decent (for lack of a better word) life.

    My wife, my mom, and my daughter are having a great time today going to find potted plants, cards, making dinner reservations, all fo each other - and God forbid if I should forget...

  7. humbug! it never ends.

    to hell with it all. i refuse to contribute anymore to the nonsense. :-/
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    "Brother Pussy" - That just doesn't sound right.

  9. Thanks!