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  1. had a dream last night,was making money trading forex
    so i woke up ,and realised that it can be done for real,guess what after one week testing i am 15,500$ up :p it works ! i am going to be rich ,filthy rich very soon:D
  2. I believe everything you said until the "i woke up" part. :D
  3. i can prove!:)
  4. Ha ha! I've heard that before.
  5. "The Boy Who Cried Wolf " like in that story you don't trust me anymore:D
  6. no trading this time,i can't show you mechanics of this strategy,it's so powerful ,it can double any amount of money in 1-3 months
  7. thx gawd this time u correctly chosen chit'n'chat to post u ramblin's'n'delusions

  8. wow,another 400$ of delusions :D
  9. Ricter


    Oh boy, do I ever know that feeling. Nothing can go wrong, not to me, I'm on top of the world.
  10. there are few things more dangerous to a trader than euphoria. it clouds judgment BIG TIME.

    i know a trader who developed his patented "euphoric trade reversal".

    it does like this. whenever a trade is going SO well that you start feeling like "OMG i am so good i am making so much money, this is SO easy i can't believe it"...

    he sets a trailing stop when he starts feeling super euphoric AT this level just mentioned, with double size, so it acts as a reversal trigger. iow, when you start feeling you CAN'T lose. it's probably about time to reverse. because that is exactly when you will...

    usually :)
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