Happy Martin Luther King Day Everyone!

Discussion in 'Events' started by aphexcoil, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. !!!
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    I think it's bullshit that we have to close the stock market b/c of Martin Luther King, that and good friday. What purpose does it serve? It's just another way for the left to kiss ass and pay tribute to bullshit that doesn't concern any of us.
  3. but the hours of trading will be abbrev.

    for those of you who need to hedge or are addicted to trading !:)
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    It could be Happy Fungus Day for all I care!
    It is a day off, yipee!!!!!!:D
  5. would like more market holidays! Can get used to these 3 day weekends...

    we ought to close for Halloween, Canada day, day after Super Bowl, Secretary's day, Valentine's day and the day CSCO went public...

    and any I missed :D
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    If one is on their toes, a nice opportunity can often be found on these shortened days. Those thin volume pockets can make for a pretty good move. On the NQ, anyway.
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    Fasterpussycat's Birthday & the day Faster lost his virginity.

  8. rs7's "this is my last post to ET day"...lol....sorry, rs7 just had to tee off on ya, just this once. :D
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    Very good:) Believe me, I tried to go cold turkey. But I admit to an addictive personality, and besides, I get bored easily. 2 kids away at college, wife working all the time, and my son who is home is 17 and has no use for me.

    So it is a sad state of affairs now. Trade, post, read, play golf. Do it again.

    Besides, I missed the abuse and the absurdity. Like I've said before, ET is a fine source of wasted time. What else can I say? I thought I could quit, but it was easier giving up cigarettes (been over 20 years).

  10. "So it is a sad state of affairs now. Trade, post, read, play golf. Do it again."
    I'm melting! What a world! - what a world!

    :) and besides, what would life be like without max401.
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