Happy birthday, Mr President!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fhl, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. fhl


    <img src="http://bedlammagazine.com/files/images/news/Obama-socialism_0.jpg" />

    ...and just so we can commemorate this very special occasion, could you give us the name of the hospital you were born in so we can hang a plaque there?
  2. Excellent representation of the clown we have now in the white house
  3. Hey Obama,

    Thanks for the gift of massive tax hikes you have in the works.
  4. Illum


    $3 a gallon, expanding debt, massive energy taxes for every American and a dead economy. The dollar is having a death rattle, where did all money go? Nobody even knows, Pelosi might, but probably not. Great work, you a regular George Washington. Happy B-Day

    I think it's time to get that mandatory youth program going again, while we wait on the others programs. It's sounds really American. Rham, or w/e his name is. Yea your an All-American