Happy Birthday Marines!!

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  1. 1775

    Back in 1775
    My Marine Corps came alive
    First there came the color blue,
    to show the world that we are true
    Next there came the color red,
    to show the world the blood we shed
    Finally there came the color green,
    to show the world that we are mean
  2. C130 rolling down the strip

    C130 rolling down the strip
    Recon daddy gonna take a little trip
    Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door
    Jump right out and shout MARINE CORPS!

    If my chute don't open wide
    I've got another one by my side
    If that one should fail me too
    Look out ground, I'm coming after you
  3. And my personal favorite cadence.

    Navy, Navy, I'm in doubt

    Navy, Navy, I'm in doubt
    Why your belly's are sticking out
    Is it whiskey or is it wine?
    Or is it lack of PT time?
    Join up
    Roll with us
    1 mile
    no good
    2 miles
    no good
    3 miles
    getting better
    4 miles
    breaking sweat
    5 miles
    breathing harder
    6 miles
    girl scouts
    7 miles
    boy scouts
    8 miles
    now we're talking
    9 miles
    almost there
    10 miles
    Marine Corps!
    Ooh Rah!
    Oh Yea!
  4. Way back when at the dawn of time.
    In the heart of Death Valley where the sun don't shine.
    The roughest toughest fighter ever known was made.
    From an M-16 and a live grenade.
    He was a lean mean green fighting machine.
    He proudly bore the title of US Marine.

    An all time favorite:
    A yellow bird with a yellow bill
    Was perched upon my window sill
    I lured him in with a piece of bread
    And then I smashed his fucking head

    Semper Fi brother!
  5. Happy Birthday, and sorry we're going to abandon what you've been fighting for.

    You deserve much better, as do the Iraqis you've been helping and dying for.
  6. A tragic lesson we have yet to learn.....don't start wars we're not willing to do whatever it takes to win. Last one cost us nearly 60,000 dead for nothing. How many should we sacrifice for this lost cause?
  7. Most pathetic rhyme ever.
  8. i can only imagine the relief of most soldiers knowin' they now got a chance to get back home. me thinks nobody and i mean NOT A SOUL wants to stay there in iraq facin' 50 attacks a day.
  9. Not meant to be a rhyme.

    Pathetic indeed.
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