Happy Birthday Euro

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  1. 10 years ago next january one the Euro will celebrate it's 10 year birthday.

    Up +40% against the USD over that period.

    Quite the succes right. How many hedgefunds would give up their right arm for such a return looking back...
  2. euraud down 24%
    eurchf down 20%

    however main rival , eurgbp up 30% , yeeey!
  3. We'll see how it handles next year's news and ejection of Greece. I'd bet Greece leaves in a sort of Lehman experiment; let it go and let's see what happens. I'd expect the possibility to happen at year end with the rumors starting in Q1 as a sort of trial balloon to see how markets react. If correct, buy the dip in Q1, sell summer, get back in 2013.
  4. Is Finland a Closet Member of the Eurozone Periphery?

    The inexorable logic of currency union continues: once your export competitiveness goes, your currency can't adjust to give you breathing space to regain it, because, oh my, you don't have one. You gotta share yours with a bunch of other folks and it won't adjust just because you're having trouble.
    Wotta revolting development.
    At this rate, the only members of the "core" will be the Dutch and the Germans. How long would the Dutch last?
  5. Oh snap! What I have been posting the whole time!


    What is next the EU begging the South Americans for debt relief? Next riot in Greece in 5,4,3,2,....

    Welcome to Planet Misery,