Happy Birthday! Bitcoin is 12 years old today

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    On January 12th, 2009, the first transaction was executed.

    After 12 years, the average transaction fee is about 10+ bucks. Some improvement, I say!!! In short, nobody is using it for buying coffee.
  2. They can thank the Fed and other central banks.
    If rates weren’t at zero and printing presses in overdrive BTC would barely be a footnote in history
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  3. If it wasn't used as a medium of exchange for money, it could have been used a e-sign validation for the data transfers...
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    So imagine this invention is so good, that after 12 years of tinkering, you can't even buy a cup of coffee with it unless you are a moron or a millionaire who doesn't care about the $10 tx fee.

    Crypto kids are so stupid I even got into an argument about this on Reddit and the cultist was saying Bitcoin wasn't invented for buying a cup of coffee. Well, that is a huge limitation on the future of money, I think , if I can't even use it in a dollar store... :)
  5. One day one Satoshi will equal one U.S dollar, then you'll understand what the big Idea is, till then, joe shmo and hill billy silly can collect cans and silver as an inflation hedge...
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    Do I need a mental detector to find an argument in your post? Because I missed it for sure... :)

    10 bucks per transaction!! And I thought my credit card charges were high! The future of money, Captain of Industry...
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  7. One day means Today, It is for you to find the secret behind the code, not the code in the secret...
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