Happy 4th of July!!!

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    GENERAL SMEDLEY BUTLER, US MARINES, 1933 revealed as the most decorated marine in US history:

    "we are a PREDATOR nation...a nation of RACKETEERS....the Foreign policy of the USA has always been geared towards gathering as much of the world's resources unto ourselves -- at the expense of others..the true purpose of our US ARMY and forces is to make the world safe for Capitalism and our Cultural and Economic Assault....the TROUBLE with US americans is ....if our DOLLAR can not buy more than 6% of value at home....we want to go abroad so it can buy 100 % ...and where the DOLLAR goes...the FLAG follows, where the flag goes, our ARmy follows....I spent decades pacifying countries to do our bidding. nicaragua, panama, honduras, domincan republic, puerto rico........indonesia...you wanted to ensure our BIG OIL can run unmolested in the oil-rich northeastern china and other provinces? i'd do it for you...i always had my suspicions that what we DO is EVIL....but I SUSPENDED my conscience for 30 years.......I will have NOTHING more to do with it".
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    We are Rome. Even down to the building structure in Washington. We are the Republic.

    Happy 4th
  3. "...and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, came thru thru the night that there were nomore villagers left down there"
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    I suppose he'd have been a lot more willing to participate if the US Army had been fighting for communism.

    I only wish he'd have let his wishes be known earlier so he might have bunked at the nearest stockade, where he belonged.
  5. Yeah, fhl, that's telling the Major General who, at the time of his death, was the most decorated marine in US history. You go, girl.
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    you brainwashed moron I bet you never served a day....just beat your chest and wave the flag, Scumbag....