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    There is no happiness,don't even try to find it.Don't be disappointed when searching for happiness,you'll find out it isn't there.
  2. happiness is inside you, not outside.

    if you look for it from outside, of course you will be disappointed.

    when I finished a beautiful trade (totally follow my plan: does not mean a winner), I felt happy.

    when I am looking for happiness from the face of my wife, if I did a beautiful trade, but it is a loser, I saw "sadness".

    do not look outside. happiness treasure is just hidden inside your inner inside.
  3. I have a theory about happiness. When you are actually happy, you don't realize it. It's only later when look back on those moments that you realize you were truly happy. So happiness is always past tense.

    If you try to be happy now, you can't do it. So the secret to happiness is not trying to be happy. Good memories make us happy and to have good memories you need to do things that you'll look back on with pride and fondness.

    So if you want be happy, do something that is memorable today. Build something. Create something. Travel. Explore. Climb a mountain. Have a kid. Challenge yourself in some way today. Then when you're old and your body is broken, you'll wake up in the morning, recall a life full of amazing moments and you will have a little giggle at all the crazy and beautiful things you did when you were younger. That's happiness.

    And there is no happiness without the doing part. Depression is the psychological manifestation of wasted potential. Do something now. Anything. And you will come to discover what happiness really is.

  4. Life is pain....

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  5. tyrant


    Happiness is when you are healthy mentally, physically and financially.
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    It's impossible.Or it may be possible for a very short Span of time.When you are very young,usually.
  7. Wise words -- well Said.
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    +1 Most make the mistake that happiness is rooted in materialism. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Happiness indeed comes from within.

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    #1: Money might not buy happiness, but I'll take my fucking chances.

  10. slumdog


    You can train (re-wire) the human mind to raise its level of happiness through things like meditation. This means your base level of happiness will become higher than what it was.
    You will still have periods where your happiness fluctuates up and down based on what is happening in your life, but it will fluctuate around a higher level.

    Some people are very lucky and their brains are wired in a way to just be happier from birth!

    I also find that i am happier as i get older, because life experience means there is less that can effect me in negative way, i have experienced most of the 'bad' things that make a person temporarily unhappy already and similar experiences in the future wont knock me down as much.

    Also as you get older you appreciate the good times even more as you know from experience that nearly everything will eventually change, so if you find yourself in a good situation you know to relish it in the now!
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