Happily prophephy can be wrong or ... it is bad timing like stock market's gurus :D

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  1. Nuclear explosion predicted for this summer on New York see below


    Some Fascinating Predictions

    There just will be no war with Iraq. There'll be a brief skirmish, and some of our guys will drop air offenses on some of their guys, but an all-out war: forget about it. The fact is, we are going to find out why Bush is so determined to go there, and that the reason has nothing to do with Saddam being evil, and less to do with oil than we think; the real reason is that Bush wants to humiliate Hussein, and Hussein has connections that know some s**t about a Bush Family-bin Laden family alliance that could blow the Bush Administration clear out of the White House by an impeachment. Bush Jr. has a dim sense of how threatening this situation is: but the real culprit is Daddy. Only Daddy knows how much Saddam knows - and if we could hear Daddy's nightly tirades commanding Junior to go "silence Hussein", we'd feel sorry for Bush Junior. And I wrote that as a Democrat.

    Bad news: yes, there is potential for some kind of scary thing to go down in Manhattan. This sucks for me as I have lots of friends there and NYC writes the checks that keep me in business. But there is no shaking it. Strong potential for a summertime blast or explosion in New York with a lot of people dead. The 2001 one came from the sky; this one comes from the ground or underground. I very much think a suitcase bomb of limited nuclear capacity is involved in this. Avoid New York pretty much from now on, or at least until Bush is out of office and a lot of Muslim leaders have been apologized to. That's the breaks; sorry.

    More embarrassments and scandals for the Bush Presidency. He's going to lose more and more allies and have to hire more and more replacement advisors.

    CNN watch out: an attack on your field reporters or some kind of incident at your headquarters in Atlanta. Again this sucks because I am in Atlanta.

    More Atlanta in the news: suspicious incident, capital S, capital I. Terrorist funding moves through this city and something indicating that is going to be discovered.

    Actors continue protesting and becoming more political. Susan Sarandon will support a major male figure who speaks out against the coming war.

    Steven Spielberg will say something regarding America's support of Israel. This statement will backfire and embarrass him badly. The fallout from this will just go on, and on, and on. It will skid his career to a halt, delay the release or damage the success of one of his movies, and generally give him a black eye. I support Israel too - but this statement is just ill-timed, unwise, inauspicious and kind of dumb. Reaction and fallout from people he thought were his allies; fellow Jews will tsk tsk him for it and he will deserve it. Tasteless: he shouldn't have said it.

    The Dr. Phil show tanks before the end of 2003. Like a meteor: here, then gone.

    Babies vaccinated against AIDS will prove hardy little specimens against the disease. The first real breakthrough occurs. AIDS is on its way to becoming a defeated disease by the end of 2003, thanks to the tireless research of a Russian, a Russian American, an Asian American, and a Chinese woman scientist. No cure in 2003, but if we turn attention to this, we will see one by 2004.

    Australia in trouble. Some will say it is karmic and comes from maltreatment of the Aborigines. "The Aborigines are Australia's blacks," someone will say. "Australia must recompense for how she has treated them; her civil rights record." Australians in general won't agree with this and we will begin to see many weird and terrible things happen to that country resembling the "Let my people go" phase of the Egyptian Captivity. NZ's Helen Clark will continue to prosper; the Kiwis treated the Maori unusually well and so New Zealand is protected. NZ may end up having to send men and aid to suffering Australia which I see both suffering drought and underwater (?).

    Summer 2003 will be THE... HOTTEST... ON... RECORD... Chicago and NYC will swelter. Summer 2003 will be bad for New York; avoid at all costs, especially if I turn out to be wrong and we do attack Iraq. If America does that, NY is in peril for years to come. But if not, anyway, look for one heck of a burning hot summer there. Beats all records; men and women hanging out of windows in wifebeaters or naked, fanning themselves and listless, unable to move. Ugh.

    That's all for now. Democrat Voice of Liberty